Friday, November 7, 2008

30 heads

here are all but one of the 30 heads I did this past month. Each one is done in a different media, or a different mixture of media. I chose to do all musicians just so i could have some sort of theme going. Ill put the last one of Hendrix up once i get it back from the display case.


Jack White, white stripes - graphite, india ink, acrylic, and transparent paper on board.

Gregg Allman, allman brothers band - Oil knife painting on gessoboard

Win Butler, the arcade fire - nupastel on toned paper
Stevie Ray Vaughan - scratchboard

Omar Rodriguez Lopez, mars volta - ink monotypeon paper
Omar Rodriguez Lopez, mars volta - ink monotype, acrylic, varnish, on paper

Teal Bowser, the spin cycles - turp, nupastel on layout paperDuane Allman, the allman brotheres band - colored ink, gouache, oil on board.
Rivers Cuomo, weezer - colored pencil, oil pastel, ink, varnish on paper
Berry White - Acrylic and ink on board
Jerry Garcia, the greateful dead - nupastel and acrylic on paper
Kele Okereke, bloc party - ink and gouache on paper
Dustin Kensurue, thrice - watersoluable crayons and acrylic on board
Donovan - ink, acrylic, varnish on paper
Mungo Jerry - lacqure transfered color shapes.
Woody Guthrie - cut out paper, acrylic, ink on board.
Isaac Brock, modest mouse - India ink, colored ink on board
Sam Beam, iron and wine - oil on gessoboard
Ben Folds - graphite, acrylic, gouache, colored pencil, oil, on board
Xavier Rudd - ink, lacqure transfer woodgrain on paper
Matisyahu - watercolor on watercolor paper
John Lennon - colored ink, india ink, oil pastel on board
Thom Yorke, radiohead - Watercolor on stratmore 500 plate
Derek Trucks - graphite, colored pencil, oil on board
Ben Gibbard, death cab for cutie, the postal service - india ink, colored ink, oil pastel on paper
Rob Zombie - colored ink, india ink, gouache, glow in the dark paint, on board
Jack Black - crayon on toned paper

Lead Belly - lenolium block print on toned paper
Snoop Dogg - graphite on board
Teppei Teranishi, thrice - india ink, halftone on paper.

thanks for looking,


staygoldlovely said...

my favorite by far is ben folds

Ande said...

amazing, matt. I'd totally buy ben folds

Kyle McCullough said...

Jack white portrait is awesome. Nice use of color.

Kyle McCullough said...

Rivers Cumono is my favorite.....later man