Friday, April 11, 2008

king arthur

here are two crappy pictures of last weeks illustration assignment.
ill put up better scans soon

crit anyone? thanks

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

the day my pochade died

This past Sunday morning I was having a great "plein air wake up" and while i was packing up, and looking at my girlfriends painting, i hear the worst sound ever... my pochade being run over by a mini van. i turned around and saw my poor little easyl versa under a tire, then i looked up and saw Joe Theil ride by on his bycicle...

as sad as it was, it actually worked out to my advantage, the people were really nice and agreed to buy me a new one, so i went home, stripped the broken one, and built my long desired cigar box easyl for indoor/cafe painting, but not for me, for my girlfriend, ill build me one very soon though. =D

so here it is, the craftsmanship is pretty bad, but it works.
it locks with the side hinge and also stays up into place with it. theres no handel yet, but it wont be a problem to get one on.

its best for 8x10 panels, but you can fit anything under 16" tall.

the top bar holds the panel in place by its spring loaded design. here it is with an 8x10 horizontaland here with an 8x10 verticle
i also attached the tripod hook up to it, but ill take it off once i get my new pochade because it does not sit up right with it on.
i also put in a 8" panel carrier so once im done painting, i can slide my panel in and no worries.

so thats it, i cant wait to build one for myself. heres a painting i did a week ago down by bayfront. it was a fun morning.

thanks for reading