Friday, September 19, 2008

some new stuff

so heres a big update. first, here is our secondish assignment for computer illustration which was to creat icons. these are all rare or endangered species of monkey. i thought they looked cool so i chose them for this project.

For my illustration 2 class, were making documentary books on a subject of our choice, i chose to do something about the cigar industry. the project is really fun and has a lot to learn in it. we are supposed to go out and research our topics, interview people, make pictures and such, then turn that into a book that we must design inside and out to fit our subject. heres some drawings of historical peoples, people handrolling cigars, and some people hanging out in cigar bars.

also, i scanned in the two last pages from my sketchbook so here they are.

and finaly, here are some low grade pictures of unfinished paintings that i have done over the past few weeks. i probably wont finish them up, but here they are.

This school year is looking great. im having fun in all my classes, and i get to go to 6 figure painting sessions (3 teachers) each week!

thanks for looking and reading

Friday, September 12, 2008

huge sketchbook dump #18 & #20

long time no post, heres a lot of sketchbook stuff from the end of the academy and summer and the first few weeks of school.