Saturday, March 8, 2008

back from spring break

just got back from the best spring break I have ever had, started off the week with the Orlando museum of art to see a Rockwell exhibit, which was amazing and eye opening, then went to islands of adventure and universal studios for FREE =) then spent the next three days plein air painting with my girlfriend, went to this awesome mill/pancake restaurant, ate some bomb ass fish made by teal's chef brother kyle, made some very tasty tacos, played with 3d drawing, chilled, played a whole lotta guitar and harmonica, filled a sketchbook with blind contour drawings and sketches, then drove down to Miami to hang out with my mom, ate at Versailles, then the rusty pelican the next day, and drove back here, where my awesome break came to a crashing end. my apartment flooded while i was gone, and i just got done cleaning up the mess =\

just scanned in some sketches and some figure stuff from last week. ill put up the paintings when they are dry.